WHY Distribute Coupons With PayBay?

  • Because it's fast, easy, fun, and free to try!

Well, its fast, fun, free to try!
Why waste all that money on graphic designers, printing companies, flyer delivery and inserts, when you can make a few clicks in the PayBay ad builder and get your coupon out in as little as 5 minutes? it can take weeks to see the results of a campaign idea going through all those steps. What if its not working? What if you have a better idea? When you use PayBay to run your next coupon, you have the power to instantly adjust your strategies in real time. But best of all, PayBay servers track each printed coupon to make sure you only pay your chosen commision offering on each coupon that actually generates a sale! Theres no better way to generating great "word of mouth" advertising, then to reward people for marketing your business with Paybay coupons. Start now!


Step 1: Build Your Coupon

Step 2: Choose Your Demographics

Step 3: Choose Your Commission Offering

Step 4: Award Your PayBay Advertisers Their Commission When You Collect Their Coupons



You control the cost of your next group coupon

Start for FREE

Use the Ad Builder to Create
your coupon

You chose the cost per Redeemed
coupon (not 50%)

Wait for PayBay members to promote your coupon on their social media sites

Set your minimum:
100? 500? 1000?

As soon as you are satisfied enough customers have printed your coupon, click "Activate" in your account page, to begin accpeting your coupons.

100 requested prints at 50¢ commission each would require
$50 deposited into your escrow account

PayBay tracks redemption

Your escrow account is fully refundable for any unused printed coupons, if only 50 are actually redemed, the $25 remaining is refunded